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Saturday July 13th 2024

Support Us

Our Sponsors:

The focus of Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism is to encourage and build up the body of Christ. At present our focus is to maintain a series of Christian content based websites. Each website focuses on a different component of Christian living. It is our desire to continually reach even more people, regardless of where they are in their relationship with the Lord Jesus. Would you sponsor our ministry and empower it to fulfill this mission?

Travel While Supporting Our Ministry

Anchored Eagle Travel will donate 10% of their commission on referrals made by the people we minister to. Learn more

Giving Of Your Time, Skills and Abilities

We do realize there are people who are wanting to support the ministry and have little or no financial means of doing so. But if this is a hardship there are are still many ways of supporting the ministry without a financial contribution.

  • Letting us know of typing, spelling and grammar errors on our websites
  • Sharing our ministry with your friends, church fellowship and online social network
  • Suggesting websites we could link to on our web portal Christian Activity Central
  • Contribute Christian themed content you authored to our website The Lord's Haven Online ( cartoons , jokes , poetry and letters from the heart )
  • Contribute sermon outlines we may post on The Verse of the Day web site as a means of supporting Jesus body around the world.
  • Translating the content of our websites into French, Spanish and Portuguese

Financially Support This Ministry

Would you prayerfully consider financially supporting our Internet Ministry? Your financial support will further the Kingdom of God through our service to the Lord Jesus Christ and His body.

  • We are looking for people willing to make ongoing donations ( Bi Weekly , Monthly , Bi Monthly and Quarterly ) of between $5 and $50
  • To setup an ongoing donation you may do so using PayPal and the following form