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Saturday July 13th 2024

About Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism

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Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism exists to share the hope and good news found in Jesus Christ. When the challenges of life are overwhelming our series of websites are here to strengthen you and provide you with an opportunity to ask for prayer.

Our ministry was started by Ron Piggott in 1999. The Internet was in it's infancy. Ron used his self taught computer programming skills to start a simple website and e-mail list focused on encouraging the people who made use of these. In 2006 the e-mail list became The Verse of the Day.

The ministry began accelerated to grow in 2006. This coincided with the deterioration of Ron's ability to walk (the aftermath of a rare hip disease he was diagnosed with at age 3). With Ron sharing the hope the Lord was giving him each day the ministry gained momentum.

In recent years we have developed a series of websites which offer a Christian perspective on life, hope for those who are struggling and a daily devotion to provide subscribers with the nourishment of God's Word. Learn more about our Internet presence

Upcoming Plans

We are presently working on two major projects:

  1. The completion of our 2012 income tax return
  2. Moving our series of websites onto our own new server

Our Ministry News shares the progress we are making on these tasks. Thank you for supporting us through your prayers.

Ministry Board of Directors

Ron Piggott

Laurie-Ann Copple

Dave Morin